Barcelona Itinerary (2020 Marathon)

This is our Spring 2020 Marathon
Start Training Early, through the Winter
Lose the Weight Now

Calling this Bathtub Barcelona
Aware of the overtourism problem in Barcelona due to Cruise Ships
Aware of the Pollution caused by these ships coming into harbor
(on the Balearic Sea, near the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea)

The Flights was incredibly cheap
The hotel rooms seemed affordable
On suite had a balcony overlooking the harbor and a large bathtub in the main room

We dream of this bathtub
-arriving in Barcelona (jet-lagged) opening the balcony, taking a warm bath with the windows and balcony open
-maybe lounging in the bathtub, loading it with cusions and watching a movie
-filling it with cold water after finishing the marathon as therapy
(we realize that anyone having these “Bathtub Dreams”, will only be disappointed)

Barcelona Weather

Four Nights:

Wednesday, March 11th
Depart for Barcellona

Thursday, March 12th
Arrive in Barcellona

Friday, March 13th
Sports Expo and Museums
Jogging and Walking
Barcelona Bike Share

Saturday, March 14th

Morning Jog?
Early Museum
Bike Share
Lounge and Hydrate

Sunday, March 15th
Barcelona Marathon
Post Picnic

Monday, March 16th
Day-After Recovery Run
Depart from Barcellona

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