Ezekiel Bread

15 Reasons People Are Obsessed With Ezekiel Bread


2 Hours (11 Miles)

A long run exceeding two (2) hours is a good gauge of fitness

Saturday, March 16th
Two Hours – 11 Miles
4:45 Marathon (10:54 Miles)

Two Hours – 12 Miles
4:22 Marathon

Two Hours – 13 Miles
4:02 Marathon

Two Hours – 14 Miles
3:45 Marathon

My Coach (Lyft)

18 Mile Run Scheduled for yesterday.

Ran 9 miles to Chicago Downtown Lakeshore
and QUIT soon after

My Lyft driver coached me all the way home

Not to think about not finishing
To Run Early

Lose Weight
Every day

I practically decided to run a Spring 1/2 Marathon instead of a full Marathon

I practically decided to run only the Chicago Marathon, instead of Chicago and New York
(but if I did things right, and was in shape, then the double fall marathon would not be so hard – maybe that is a fallacy)

All Through the Night (Playlist)

Cindi Lauper

All Through the Night (featuring Shaggy)

For some reason, I am in Cindi Lauper mode

Getting Ready to go out for work:
Alexa play Cindi Lauper
Alexa set volume Eight (8)

And the favorite is the Shaggy version of All Through the Night

When we ran 14 miles last weekend, it was a Cindi Lauper Shuttle
and as we finished the run, the last mile on a gradual incline
guess what started playing?, magically . . . All Through the Night

That is Good Fortune